About Carrie Forsythe

Carrie Forsythe founder and president of the AMBROSIA essential oil and herbal HEALINGCENTRE is considered a leading authority on medicinal plants.

Having specialized in this field for over 15 years, she has adopted a very progressive and innovative approach to Herbalism, Muscle Energy, Energy Channeling and Aromatherapy. She works with herbs, medicinal plants and nutrition in a synergistic process advanced for individual well-being and the best state of nutritional health.

Originating with traditional methods, Carrie has developed her own techniques and interpretations regarding herbs, food and essential oils and their energetic exchange in complete healing. On the forefront of Medicinal Plant and Energetic Education, Carrie has also developed specialty courses on Aromatherapy, Herbs and their many uses. She instructs across North America both to the general public, as well as to specific groups and associations from introductory seminars to full one-year medicinal plant & energetic practitioner courses.

She is recognized as a leader in this branch of knowledge and coveted for her ability to create individual custom herbal preparations, healing aromatic oils for health concerns, stress related disorders and environmental imbalance.

Carrie has also developed and perfected energetic rebalancing of home and offices and offers her services to people who have environmental issues with the harmony and flow of energy in their surrounding spaces.

Carrie has studied and trained throughout the world for the past 15 years. Her medical plant training was inspired and taught by Dr. Daniel Peneol, MD. France and Dr. Matle Hozzel, Ph. D. Germany where Carrie attended to several overseas educational courses. Carrie also studied under the hand of Michael Scholes, Aromatherapist, who was also trained and apprenticed by Dr. Penoel in France and England. Carrie’s practical herbal training was inspired by her own herbalist Rachel Smith, Edmonton, with whom Carrie saw professionally for 5 years before embarking on her own training with Rachel. Rachel Smith is still and has been an herbalist for over 22 years. Carrie has also studied and attended courses through Barbara Brennan, a NASA Physicist whose deep understanding of energy and science facilitated the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, New York, where Carrie developed her own unique skill of assessing imbalance and illness through the auric, chakra, and nutritional systems of the body.

To Carrie's credit is also a long list of newspaper articles, radio interviews and television appearances. Carrie has appeared in over 15 newspaper and magazine features across North America regarding the Apothecary, her Aromatherapy and Herbal philosophies, and as the singer of the popular rock band LOAD. Besides numerous radio shows including CBC's Nationally aired Basic Black and Radio City, she has appeared on CBC Television's What On Earth; On The Road Again, where her career was featured. She was also featured in the March 1999 issue of Chatelaine Magazine; she was the cover story for Manitoba Business Magazine, April 2000; and was highlighted in thenational magazine Money Sense, September 2000, as having one of the 10 best stores in Canada. She has participated in local information call-in radio spots with regards to the benefits of Aromatherapy, and the Apothecary's recent expansion to Healing Centre from 750 square feet to over 7500 square feet and was highlighted in the May 2001 issue of Canada's Western Living Magazine.

Carrie was nominated for Women Entrepreneur of the Year in 1997 and again nominated for Emerging Small Business Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2001. She was nominated for Entertainer Of The Year for her band LOAD at the October 1999 Prairie Music Week Awards. She was recently nominated for Entrepreneur Of The Year by The Manitoba Chamber Of Commerce and for The Panwest Women's Enterprise Initiative Awards Of Excellence. In May 2003 Carrie won Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year.

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